About Bay Point Advisors

Our Story

Bay Point Advisors was founded in 2012 to address the income needs of savers who were becoming increasingly disadvantaged by central banks’ suppression of interest rates, in addition to providing capital to small businesses that had been abandoned by traditional lending institutions. Our founding partners identified an opportunity to achieve a return in the structural variances between public securities and privately negotiated transactions.

The founders are former fixed income credit analysts, traders, portfolio managers and chief investment officers of large, global investment advisory firms.  This experience led them to question the independence of the central banks and their mission of steering towards low inflation and full employment.

Since its inception, Bay Point has deployed over $1 billion of capital across the United States. Our team has grown from three partners to seventeen employees, serving in roles from administration and underwriting to portfolio management and information technology.

We have expanded our business strategy to include verticals that continue to be neglected by traditional capital allocators. Bay Point has partnered with experts to become a driving force of change within the Media and Legal finance industries. We are always looking for the next opportunity.

Our Value Proposition

Specialized Transactional Experience


lending strategy

Access to private credit markets


Exposure to Alternative Credit Markets

Capture the credit risk premiums left by banks, public bond markets, and large funds.


Market Experience

The fundamental credit backgrounds of the founders are the pillars of our investment culture.


Flexible Allocation

We are attracted to markets, sectors, and complex deal structures that mainstream investors neglect.

Years Established

Partnership Experience

Transactions since Inception

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