Charles Andros

Founding Partner


Chief Investment Officer

Charles Andros began his career working as a clerk on the floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for an S&P Futures Pit Trader. This unconstrained environment, where investment exposure can be multiples of a firm’s capital base, left an indelible impression on his trading style and risk management philosophy, which is to detach emotion from investing and minimize risk. After two years of CME trading, Charles developed into a proprietary trader at ETG, which Schonfeld Securities later acquired. While at ETG and Schonfeld, Charles specialized in convertible bonds and preferred securities, two of the most credit-intensive and structurally complex sectors of the fixed income market. Following the Great Recession, Charles’s affinity for hard assets, high yields, and current cash flow naturally compelled him to acquire depressed commercial real estate assets on behalf of his limited partners. In acquiring real estate properties, Charles recognized the absence of capital generally available for small businesses, non-traditional borrowers, and secondary real estate transactions. This insight inspired Charles to join the launch of Bay Point Advisors, LLC, where he could focus on complex transactions and sectors of the economy that mainstream lenders have ignored.