Investment Strategy

Our Investment Philosophy

Bay Point is an opportunistic, secured lender to businesses, real estate and niche borrowers.  We originate, process, fund, and service our loans. We are a full-service, private lending company facilitating bridge loans, acquisition loans, equipment financing, and specialty finance transactions. Our clients are business owners, builders, real estate entrepreneurs, investors and wholesalers in need of efficient financing to solve a liquidity shortfall or complete a transaction.  While we primarily lend in the Southeast, we partner with borrowers across the country to provide funding in a quick and responsive manner. We pride ourselves on efficiency, transparency and for always honoring our commitments.  The founders are former fixed income analysts, traders, portfolio managers and chief investment officers of large, global investment advisory firms.

Bay Point advisors has developed a referral network to ensure an ample flow of potential investment opportunities.  On the front end of the relationship with our borrowers we conduct ourselves like an asset-based lender, while in the later stages of the relationship, where the situation is more nuanced, we assume the role of a private debt investor.  This shift has implications for the profitability of the portfolio.  In any lending relationship the best opportunities to create value occur at origination and pay pay-off; between those events there are very few possibilities to enhance the economics of a particular investment.  Bay Point’s style is creative and flexible which we believe increases the probability of incremental profits over the lifecycle of the loan.  We believe we conduct ourselves in an honest and professional manner, which not only gives comfort to our referral network of lawyers, trustees, bankers and accountants, but also fosters a cohort of repeat borrowers.

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Private Credit

Bay Point is primarily a Private Debt issuer. Private Debt (Private Credit) is an asset class that commonly involves non-bank institutions making loans to private companies based on cash flows of the respective business, hard assets, or acquiring loans on the secondary market.

Since the global financial crisis, private debt has received increased attention and growth for a variety of reasons, not the least of which include an ongoing low interest rate environment, elevated equity valuations, and investors seeking diversification as well as yield enhancement to traditional listed fixed income. Private Credit consistently ranks in the highest return generating asset classes, while giving investors far more downside security than other divisions of the economy.

Structural changes in the financial services industry since the global financial crisis have generated demand for non-bank loans. Although banks still dominate corporate lending, they have pulled back from the lower end of the middle market, reducing their exposure to these loans in response to industry consolidation and increased regulation.

Bay Point maintains the highest lending standards, well-developed lending relationships and sourcing channels, and manages portfolio risk with intricately structured investments. 

Diversification from Traditional Assets

Higher annualized income

Liquidity Premium

High Volume of asset opportunities